Street-polished Singer-Songwriter Jack Shepherd [Australia] keeps a few tricks up his sleeve. Blending his signature rapid-fire fingerstyle guitar playing with earnest vocals, beatboxing, looping, improvised arrangements and a smooth electronic tint, he borrows from folk, jazz and pop through to bass music, alt-rock and blues to create a sound entirely of its own. 

Jack’s proficiency and calm, quirky confidence lend him a natural ease on stage - his feet dance across loopers and effects pedals, building and bending arrangements with a mind of their own - the guitar becomes an extension of long fake fingernails, darting between powerful distorted textures, and delicate melodies - amorphous layers of harmonised vocals float over a viscous low end. 

Taking his unique performance approach on the road, Jack discovered a knack for turning strangers into friends, exploring streets and stages from Australia, the U.K., Canada and the U.S. to Switzerland, France, China and the UAE. With 15,000+ self-produced EPs in the hands of supporters around the world, Jack turned to the connections he’d made during countless street shows to successfully crowdfund his first studio recordings… 

A collaboration with ARIA-nominated producer Michael McGlynn (Little May, L-Fresh the Lion), ‘Sound Travels’ expands Jack’s loop-based solo songs into lush band arrangements. With performances from Michael Barker (John Butler Trio, Split Enz, Swamp Thing), Brett Adrien (Charlie Collins, Q+A) and a cast of unique Sydney instrumentalists, the EP is an energetic burst - from upbeat jam/pop belter ‘Where it Lands’, to heartfelt personal note ’Settle Down’, fan favourite ’Soothe’, and alternative RnB introspection ‘Sleep’, Jack’s compositions share a common thread while exploring new space - a sign of things to come. 

Energetic sound, unique atmosphere, and rich, driving layers, blending studio, street and stage – expect one captivating hell of a ride. 

’Sound Travels’ [20/5/19] can be found on all major streaming platforms, or on a street corner near you.

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Sound Travels

Jack Shepherd

Sound Travels is a handful of songs from an introspective time in my mid-twenties.

Countless hours and endless care was poured into crafting this music - I hope it finds a place in your ears, a home in your heart, helps you in your own mind, or simply provides some pleasant pulse to accompany a moment in your life.
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