1. Where It Lands

'Where It Lands' was conceived on three continents, and reflects a little of the emotion surrounding a life of constant travel. Great highs and lows.

[V1] This morning sun ray; it knows me well. I sleep off the daytime; because it’s bad for my health.
Feet touch the ground - what’s left behind, babe? And when the penny drops, I cast the shadows from my mind.
[CH] Let it fall where it lands, like a grain of sand, slipping through my hands, onto a foreign land.
Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life. I love the places, but I hate the endless city lights.
It’s in my nature to feel like I’m losing patience, but the future’s what you make it, so until we meet our fate… [CH]
[Br] I wish we had more time with each other, babe… Because I can’t follow the tide or the weather vein… [x2] [CH]


Sound Travels is a handful of songs from an introspective time in my mid-twenties.

The EP was crowdfunded in 2018, by 112 wonderful people I met on my travels.

Countless hours and endless care was poured into crafting this music - I hope it finds a place in your ears, a home in your heart, helps you in your own mind, or simply provides some pleasant pulse to accompany a moment in your life.