1. Settle Down

'Settle Down' was written late one night, imagining what I might have said to a friend who was experiencing dark thoughts, if I'd had the opportunity. Luckily, they're still around, and I get to talk with them often.

[V1] I know that you wanted to breathe, but you could not find your lungs… And I know that you found your release, but we wish you would stay with us
[CH] Settle down, I'll see you in the morning. Settle down, (please) don't leave without a warning. Settle down, settle down…
[V2] Well don’t start to believe your own mind, ‘cause it’s a precious thing to lose. If it still hurts when you know that you’re right, then it just might be the wrong thing to do. [CH…] Let me ice that memory for you.


Sound Travels is a handful of songs from an introspective time in my mid-twenties.

The EP was crowdfunded in 2018, by 112 wonderful people I met on my travels.

Countless hours and endless care was poured into crafting this music - I hope it finds a place in your ears, a home in your heart, helps you in your own mind, or simply provides some pleasant pulse to accompany a moment in your life.