1. Sleep

'Sleep' spent most of its pre-production life as a couple guitar figures and a chorus, plus a collection of riffs and licks that I had been looking to commit to a song for years. The choice was made halfway through the recording process to scrap a half-complete tune, and finish this one. I tried to portray the scattered headspace I'm describing through the lyrics and song structure - and it's ended up being my personal favourite from the EP - as if I could pick a favourite child.

Note for the outro - Michael McGlynn played the opening guitar figure on his upright piano, tipping the hat to free time. It deserves a listen with detailed speakers and a bit of extra volume.

[CH] Part of life is losing sleep to dreams that make you cry and weep; the other half is losing dreams to things you think you’ve gotta keep
[V] Oh… My nerves are shot, three bottle tops and I feel tipsy, but I’m not tipsy enough; I don’t sleep at night with a sober mind (my nightmares are rough) so I just turn on my laptop. L.C.D.; Lowest common denominator verbal vomit dominating my liquid crystal display~I wonder if our love would have survived? But I know that there’s no harder I could try… Cradle me in the fullness of time. [CH]
[Br] Well I know it’s been your habit to throw too many punches, and I know you do your best to see the best in men; you are a special specimen and I believe in time that time will rearrange itself to fit your best intent. And I know every single word that you have agonised around and then replayed again’s a sign of deep respect, and your immeasurable intelligence… but every conversation doesn't need to be so vital; a moment should be for itself, and not for your survival.


Sound Travels is a handful of songs from an introspective time in my mid-twenties.

The EP was crowdfunded in 2018, by 112 wonderful people I met on my travels.

Countless hours and endless care was poured into crafting this music - I hope it finds a place in your ears, a home in your heart, helps you in your own mind, or simply provides some pleasant pulse to accompany a moment in your life.